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Levi Diagnostics is a research and development startup specializing in the application of nanotechnology innovations.


The company was incorporated at the end of 2019 with a mission of delivering revolutionary nano sensor technologies to government agencies, private sector clients, and consumers. We focus our efforts on two major areas: rapid viral diagnostics, and narcotics detection.

AT the LAb

As a subsidiary of Emitech Inc. (, we are able to leverage a combined 20 years of experience in the field of nanotechnologies for various sensing applications Emitech has the successful results working with government grants and private sector investors.


We have multiple US patents for the design and implementation of high-sensitivity detection technologies.


  • November 2019: Levi Diagnostics, Inc. was incorporated.

  • September 2020: Emitech, Inc (parent company of Levi Diagnostics) received SBIR grant from National Institute of Drug Abuse/NIH for the development of wearable nanosensors for rapid opioids detection

  • October 2020: Levi Diagnostics technology for drug detection received an excellent evaluation from the international marketing company dealing with transition of innovation technologies to the global market. Average score of 1.53 based on 15 parameters was issued on the scale from 1(excellent) to 9 (poor)

  • November, 2020: Strategic alliance was established between Levi Diagnostics and Loft ( Company specialized in the development and sale of various digital gadgets including wearable medical devices.



Marina_head shot.jpg

Marina Katayeva

Chief Executive Officer /Co- Founder

In 2002 M. Katayeva and Dr. Igor Levitsky became founders of Emitech, Inc., a small high technology company for the development of innovative concepts in the field of nanotechnology and advanced optoelectronic materials. She successfully leads the team of Emitech since then and became a CEO of Levi Diagnostics, incorporated in 2019 as a subsidiary of Emitech.

Mrs. Katayeva manages all the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) government contracts, company’s activity with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). Under her leadership, Emitech was awarded with eight Phase I and three Phase II by the SBIR/STTR contracts: MDA (Missiles Defense Agency), MDA Airforce, MDA/NAVY, US Army, and NSF (National Science Foundation).

Mrs. Katayeva works on establishing successful relationships with government agencies, private sectors, universities, and other technology companies to expand Emitech Inc.'s and Levi Diagnostics Inc.’s penetration into the nanotechnology market.

Mrs. Katayeva participates in several conferences and workshops related to Life science technologies, conferences/workshops/trainings to establish connections with potential customers and stay updated on current market trends.

Igor_head shot.jpg

Igor A. Levitsky

Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer / Founder

Dr. I. Levitsky, has over 20 years of experience in technology development, device design, prototyping and testing for various applications in chemical/biosensing, material science, and nanotechnology. Dr. Levitsky is a founder of Levi Diagnostics, Inc. and its President. LEVI Diagnostics was created in 2019 as a subsidiary of Emitech, Inc. to work on development and commercialization of electrochemical biosensor-based device to provide non-invasive diagnostics and women’s health monitoring.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr .Levitsky and his team refocus his effort to develop a device for detection of CoV-2 virus.

Dr.Levitsky had a Postdoctoral appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge, MA (1997-1999).

Dr. Levitsky was actively involved in R&D work, including SBIR program and private funding, when he worked as a Senior Scientist at the Altair Center (Shrewsbury, MA, 1999- 2001), Brown University (2001-2002) and as a Principal Scientist at Emitech, Inc. (Fall River, MA, 2002 - present). During this time, Dr. Levitsky as Principal Investigator had multiple

Phase I/Phase II awards (more than fifteen) from different government agencies such as NSF, DoE, DoD, DHS, and DoS.

Most of these topics were related to the study of organic/composite nanomaterials and applications of new scientific concepts to the development of novel chemical sensors and optoelectronic devices: optical/chemiresistive/capacitive/multi-parametric sensors to explosives, volatile organic compound, metal ions, chemical warfare agents and carbon nanotube-based photodetectors and solar cells.

Dr. Levitsky has over eighty publications in peer reviewed journals (two reviews), one book, and ten patents.


Jeanette Numbers

Member of Board of Directors

She is a founder and CEO of Loft, LLC. Jeanette is an experienced design thinker + leader based in Providence, RI. As Cofounder of Loft, Jeanette specializes in creating visually compelling, human-centered design solutions rooted in purpose and driven by research.

Jeanette’s work spans dozens of global brands and a wide variety of industries. She’s had proven success both in and outside the corporate environment, leading teams in strategic design thinking, digital and physical product design, and final product commercialization.

Her career has taken her to New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Providence, where Loft’s corporate headquarters are based.

She has created numerous award-winning designs and holds multiple patents for product innovations.


Brian Lauzon

Director of Sales and Marketing

B. Lauzon has been in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries for over 40 years. He has been an executive officer of major corporations including Mars Inc., Warner-Lambert and TJ Lipton.

He served as the President for 15+ years of various Mars Incorporated subsidiaries with responsibilities for the operations in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

In addition to the diversity of experience and a strong record of leadership and accomplishments for performance in introducing new products to the market, Mr. Lauzon has been responsible for the double-digit growth in revenue and profits with some of the most powerful brands in the world, including M&M, Snickers, Skittles, Twix, Trident gum, Hall’s Cough drops, Rolaids, Listerine, Pedigree Pet Food and Uncle Ben.

A proven track record of taking a company's vision and translating it into a consumer want and need. Through his efforts as part of senior management, the companies with which he was associated introduced new products throughout the world with a success rate of over 80%. Currently, working with small and medium-sized companies to develop their strategic vision, product development, marketing, and route-to-market along with business plans and financing.


Jonathan A. Runstadler

Member of Scientific Board of Directors

PhD of Virology Tufts University

Professor Runstadler joined the Department of Infectious Disease & Global Health in 2017. Working at the host-pathogen-environmental interface, the Runstadler laboratory studies how emerging virus, specifically influenza, is maintained, transmitted and evolves in reservoir or intermediate animal hosts.

A major part of this work is directed at understanding how both host and viral factors may influence the risk of viral spillover into new hosts, including humans. Dr. Runstadler is working with collaborators to bridge the gap between studies of disease

surveillance and disease ecology with a molecular and comparative understanding of pathogenesis, immune response and evolution. Our current research is particularly focused on understanding genotype-phenotype relationships of the influenza virus, the role of diverse hosts and environments, and the interspecies movement of virus to the emergence of disease in new populations.

Anubhav Tripathi.jpg

Anubhav Tripathi

Member of Scientific Board of Directors

PhD Molecular Pharmacology Brown University

Anubhav Tripathi's research focuses on understanding biochemical and biomolecular processes in microchip environments. Projects include: developing continuous flow DNA and RNA amplification processes, rapid identification of Influenza subtypes, fast screens for protein folding and unfolding buffers, separation of protein isoforms, developing micro-bubble shells for detecting pathological conditions, and developing nanoparticle induced pathogen lysis.


Irena Yungerman

Member of Board of Directors

CEO of YUMOSIM, LTD., Haifa, Israel

Irena leads the group of experts providing predictions necessary for the successful development of the highly sensitive biosensors. She has 20-year experience of development molecular simulations for clear fundamental processes which determine the behavior and performance of polymer and biopolymer materials. The molecular simulations methodology is power instrument for solving technologically challenging problems intractable with other techniques

Our Team

List of Selected Publications

1. B.P. Garreffi, MGuo, N.Tokranova, N.Cady, J.Castracane, I.A. Levitsky. “Highly sensitive and selective fluorescence sensor based on nanoporous silicon-quinoline composite for tracedetection of hydrogen peroxide vapors”. Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical, 276, 2018, 466-471

2. I. A. Levitsky. Review “Porous Silicon Structures as Optical Gas Sensors” Sensors, 2015, 15(8), 19968-1999

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5. N.Tokranova, S.W. Novak, J.Castracane and I. A. Levitsky “Deep Infiltration of Emissive Polymers into Mesoporous Silicon Microcavities: Nanoscale Confinement and Advanced Vapor Sensing”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2013,

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8. P.-L.Ong and I.A.Levitsky "Fluorescent Gas Sensors Based on Nanoporous Optical Resonators (Microcavities) Infiltrated With Sensory Emissive Polymers" IEEE Sensors Journal, 2011, 11,11,2947-2951.

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10. P.-L. Ong and I. A. Levitsky "Review: Organic / IV, III-V Semiconductor Hybrid Solar Cells” Energies, 2010, 3, 313-334.


11. G. V. Kamarchuk, I. G. Kolobov, A. V. Khotkevich, I. K. Yanson, A. P. Pospelov, I. A. Levitsky, and W. B. Euler "New Chemical Sensors Based on Point Heterocontact Between Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes and Gold Wires" Sensors and Actuators
B, 2008, 134, 1022–1026.Abstract


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14. I. A. Levitsky, W. B. Euler "Photoconductivity of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Under CW NIR Illumination" Appl. Phys. Lett., 2003, 83, 1857-1859.


List of Selected Patents

1. I. A. Levitsky "Devices for Optochemical Detecting of Vaporsand Particulates Using Porous Photonic Crystals Infiltrated with Sensory Emissive Organics" U.S. Patent No. 8,330,958.

2. I. A. Levitsky "Optochemical sensors for the detection of low-pressure vapors based on porous semiconductors and emissive organics" U.S. Patent No. 8,003,403

3. I. A. Levitsky and Y.-B.Park "Amplified Sensitivity of Porous Chemosensors Based on Bernoulli Effect" U.S. Patent No. 7,908,902

4. I. A. Levitsky, W. B. Euler, N. Tokranova, B. Xu, and J. Castracane "HybridSolar Cells Based on nanostructured semiconductors and organic materials" U.S. Patent No. 7,618,838 (2009).

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